Welcome to the lunarJay103's GD Levels WikiaEdit

This is a wiki to show all of Geometry Dash Luuna's (lunarJay103's) Geometry Dash levels. Each article is focused on one level and even shows the coin locations and how to get them!

What is Geometry Dash?Edit

If you do not know what Geometry Dash is, here is a brief description. Geometry Dash is a side-scrolling game. You play as a cube that jumps upon tapping or clicking (for Steam users). This cube can interact with many things including portals, bounce pads, and jumping rings. Portals transforms you into different forms, such as a Ship, Ball, UFO, Wave, and in 2.0, Robot. There are currently 20 levels in the "campaign." You can even create and share levels using the level editor!


Mobile Lite:

Upcoming Projects Edit

  • Just a Haze v2
  • Streetlights (Entry to Viprin's CC5)
  • Stutter
  • Glittering
  • The Drs Cure

Top 3 Levels (11/25/15) Edit

By Likes Edit

  1. Boss Battle - 115 Likes
  2. Finkelfracken Prev. - 17 Likes
  3. Challenge - 15 Likes

By Downloads Edit

  1. Boss Battle - 2561 Downloads
  2. Silhouettes - 198 Downloads
  3. Good Luck 2 - 179 Downloads

All Levels (Links)Edit

Latest activityEdit

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