Silhouettes is a level focused on... well, silhouettes! Everything is colored black except the background. This level goes through every mode and has 3 coins to offer. Note that this level is incomplete and none of the coins are actually implemented yet!

The Coins Edit

The coins aren't actually collectible until the end of the level. They are replaced by keys.

Key #1 Edit

The first key is found in the first Robot section. When you land on the first platform, an invisible one will flash just enough for you to see it. Jump on it to obtain the first key and unlock Coin #1.

Key #2 Edit

The seconds key is located in the second Wave section. It is wedged in between 3 spike cubes with only 2 narrow gaps for you to enter and exit. Grabbing it will unlock Coin #2.

Key #3 Edit

The third and final key has not yet been implemented into the level along with all the coins.

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